Life is like a canvas.

You are an ever changing masterpiece being influenced by the different colors and shades of reality. Every single day we get thrown into a mixture of interactions, observations, and experiments that continually shape us into who we are.

Come explore the many facets of my world as I struggle and flourish into my own work of evolving art.



  1. youngandtwenty says

    Hey, great blog! First of all, I love the layout. I’m a minimalist so my eye always goes to the simple and beautiful designs. Your writing as well is great. You have a really colourful way with your words and you sound like you’ve got a great perspective on life. Keep it up!

  2. HI!!! I’m sorry this has absolutely nothing to do with your blog, but I noticed that you’re using the Zuki theme and that you were able to put the Logo in the center of the page. How did you do it? Could you please please please help me?
    Thanks a lot!!!


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