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The heat of the sun envelops your skin.


Is scented in the cool, cool breeze that drifts your way.


Your toes find solace in their malleable embrace.


Content to laze, you pay no mind as it takes off with your avocado and turkey sandwich.

♦ ♦ ♦

Oh how I miss the joys of the beach.

With the colder than usual weather that Boston had to endure these past few days, I couldn’t help but visualize the warmer tides of summer.

It’s with this passing reflection that makes me think about appreciation.

Would I appreciate such simple moments during the summer months without enduring these bone-chilling days of winter?

Or better yet, would I be able to fully embrace and appreciate the happier times without those instances of heartache, sadness and pain to compare them to?

I think not.

Happiness. Sadness. These two emotions are interconnected. You can’t experience one without contrasting it against the other.

After all, what is pleasure without pain?

An unappreciated paradise.

Oh summer, five more months is such a long time to endure.

I’ll just have to bide my time and appreciate you more.



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