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I make you weak at the worst of times.
I keep you safe, I keep you fine.
I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold,
I visit the weak, but seldom the bold.

What am I?


♦ ♦ ♦

It’s deeply embedded in us all, this damaging and oftentimes painful emotion.

To have fear is to have a weakness. It’s a natural trait that comes with being born human.

We fear for our health, our livelihood, our loved ones. We fear for our future and the uncertainty it forecasts. We fear numerous amounts of things that threaten our sanity. We humans are a species that fear.

Yet I don’t make this statement to belittle it as an emotion. On the contrary, I acknowledge and accept that fear is a part of our reality. Yes humans can be fearful, but more importantly than that, humans are quite adaptable.

To have fear is to have the potential for strength. It can only be a handicap if you let it be. People nowadays are so quick to view fear as a negative thing. And in certain cases it can be a lose-lose scenario…. Yet that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t try to overcome that gut wrenching, soul-crushing feeling that hinder us from self-improvement.

It’s an opportunity, a test of sorts.

Do I have the courage and strength to not let the fear guide my actions? Do I let it dictate my emotions, my life?

Most often you’ll find yourself failing this test. You’re too safe in your comfort zone and aren’t willing to take the risk.

But what exactly are you risking?

Your fear is simply a state of mind supported by your thoughts. Understanding the uncertainty that comes with risk and how it can potentially impact your wellbeing is vital towards moving forward.

To overcome fear, you must in essence, overcome yourself.

Because really, only you are holding yourself back.



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