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Love is a rush.

The adrenaline and excitement causes your blood to pump and your heart to pound. It urges you off a cliff and into the ocean below it. The water welcomes you as you plunge right in, parting and enveloping you in their icy embrace. Before you know it, you are swept away. And without any life jacket to keep you afloat, you gradually sink lower and lower into the shadowy depths. Until eventually, you are one with the waves. You are the waves.

♦ ♦ ♦

Yeah, love is a lot like that.

What I can say about love is that the feelings that come with it can be raw and intense. Sometimes you get sucked so deeply into the tidal wave of emotions that you lose yourself, your identity, and oftentimes your reasoning.

You don’t realize it until you’re so far entrenched into that abyss that you gradually start to view your happiness as being reliant on that other person. Thoughts like “if they love me, they would do this” start filtering into your mind, and gradually your love turns into a selfish one. I suppose that’s the biggest question I continue to ask. Is love supposed to be selfish?

Others would say no… but I certainly have experienced the selfish side. And I believe what I felt, and continue to feel, is love. But I suppose like happiness, love isn’t so easily defined. Everyone will have their own definition of it and I’ve come to realize that the idea of love is as unique as the person who gives it.

So what does love mean for you?



  1. frozenteardrop says

    Love is the best feeling ever, it’s like flying. Nothing else matters apart from the view and the feeling. Even when you’re falling.

    Wow writing a definition is much harder than you make it seem. Awesome post.

    • frozenteardrop,
      Love can certainly be uplifting! Thank you for sharing your definition on love. Please continue to read and comment. I appreciate the extra insight from my readers 🙂


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